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Housegroups are an invaluable way to find fellowship during the week and they come in many forms. We believe a church is made stronger by its individual groups and would encourage you to join one or team up with others to start your own home group.

Help is on hand for those interested in becoming housegroup leaders – a library of resources/bible studies, regular leaders meetings & more.

Please get in touch with the Church 
 on 835228 if you’re interested in joining (not all groups have space at the moment). All are welcome to start their own housegroups, please talk to  
Margaret Joyce or if you are considering this.

Below is a summary of our current housegroups

Margaret Joyce 

We meet every Thursday evening at our home at 7.30pm. Everyone is really hungry to learn more of the Christian faith. We have lots of fun as we go. Currently we are studying Mark’s gospel on a weekly basis.

Nick & Marise Moss

We meet alternate Tuesdays in term time at our home from 8pm. We’re a mixed age group. We have studied a variety of topics - most recently we have been following J. John’s series on the Ten Commandments.

 Vicki & Dave Atkinson

We meet alternate Wednesdays at 8pm at one of three homes. Mostly we follow a bible study series or themed book, with occasional socials mixed in. We are a mixed age group, and share the hosting and leading between us.

Judy Bixter

We are a small group, meeting Thursday mornings during term time. We started the group to give one another support. Why not start your own?

Dan & Rach Jones

We’re starting a new group that we hope will be a fun and friendly space for people to grow in their faith. At present we have no set plan, but evenings will be fuelled by scripture and cake. The group begins on Wednesday 4th October and we look forward to what God has planned for us.