In October 2013 St Philips together with a contact in Pakistan and a local team in Peshawar set out to deliver aid to the suicide bomb victims of Peshawar. By December 2013 many Bath churches and individuals were also involved and story is told through the following news stories.
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A sixth visit has been made to Peshawar to help the wounded from the suicide bomb blasts there. 31 orphans and other bomb victims were taken for post traumatic stress counselling in Islamabad. Vicar Alan described it as a project "all from the hand of God"

Qamar shakes hands with ABC
Qamar with ABC
Qamar shakes hands with ABC
Qamar with ABC


Qamar, St Philip's contact in Pakistan met with the Archbishop of Canterbury in Lahore last week. He was able to share with him the work St Philip's and Bath churches have been doing for the bomb victims in Peshawar. The "Archbishop was very encouraged to hear of our work" Qamar said. 

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In March, dosage St Philips, together with the Peshawar team made a third aid visit  to Peshawar in Pakistan to help the bombing victims there. Inspite of difficult conditions the team entered and left Peshawar safely. Read the teams report here.

A little boy thanking after receipt of help  

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Bath churches come to the aid of Pakistan victims of Taliban suicide bomb attack.
Read more here  
Hear also the BBC Radio Bristol Interview with Rev Alan Bain on the Peshawar appeal here.

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Praise God that the funding for the Peshawar appeal from Bath Churches has now reached £8, story 500. The second delivery of aid to the victims of the Peshawar bombings has been delivered by the team. Returning safely to their base the team have sent their report here.