pict0537Shown here is a St Philips' team at the "Seperation fence" being built around Bethlehem in 2008


Palestine is our oldest overseas link. St Philip's church has had a link with Bethlehem in Palestine with the House of Hope and Bethlehem Bible College since 1983.

This link began in 1983 with the House of Hope for blind and disabled children in Bethlehem and the Bethlehem Bible college. We have hosted Palestinian choirs from the college, help a Bethlehem co-operative sell goods in the Christmas Market in Bath and are involved in the struggle for peace between Jew and Arab.

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mind geneva;">Bishara Awad from the Bethlehem Bible College came to speak at St Philips in January 2013. Shown here with Palestinian champions Eunice and Edgar Evans, visit this site  Bishara updated us on the deteriorating situation among Christians in the occupied West Bank and Gaza. To learn more about the situation see this video here.