The famous St Philip's Boxing day walk!

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The boxing day walk was a great time in the fresh air for a group from St Philip's. They walked through the two tunnels's route to Combe Hay where they had a short service, beverages and mince pies before returning to Odd Down.


Carol Bus tours the south of Bath

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St Philip's Carol Bus has toured around most of the south of Bath.It's been out for 6 nights covering its own parish area of Odd Down finishing for 2 nights with Turkey Burgers at the Wansdyke Inn and Hampset Cricket Club. One night we sung carols in the Red Lion.It also toured Whiteway, Southdown and Twerton.


Christmas is here

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Christmas services have been a fantastic time at St Philips with a riotous array of symbolism, children and angels. The carol service was fantastic, we've had a crib service, Christmas day service and a midnight communion on Christmas eve. We have been very blessed!


Share the Joy reaches the heights

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The five metre high Share the Joy Banner was displayed on the tower for Christmas 2013! Floodlit for everyone to see, even at night, the church banner has become one of the unmissable sights of Odd Down. Congratulations to the team who shared the vision and put it up.


Bazaar Success

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The Autumn Bazaar was a huge success with lots of new and old visitors. Many thanks to all who helped out with food, stalls, games and hall management. Much appreciated! All the proceeds will go towards helping Tommy and Pat Solomons as we extend the pastors house in Elsies River Cape Town.

Second delivery of aid reaches bomb victims

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Praise God that the funding for the Peshawar appeal from Bath Churches has now reached £8,500. The second delivery of aid to the victims of the Peshawar bombings has been delivered by the team. Returning safely to their base the team have sent their report . here

Harvest Festival Celebrations

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The harvest celebration at St Philips on October 6th focussing on "The Bread of Life" was a riot of colour, fun, thanksgiving and praise in thanks to our God who provides all things in abundance to us. Thanks to everyone who made it the success it was!

Help for Peshawar

A Christian teacher Sir Stephen small and large intestines were ruptured in the blast
A deceased innocent died in twin suicide attacks on church
A little boy thanking after receipt of help
A love note writtedn by the deceased son of 6 years just one night before his death
A mother of two children who both died in the attack were provided with relief package of medicines
A mother of two deceased children thanking St Philip and St James church for sending medicines
A six year old girl operated twice has ruptured intestines
A student of Bachelor of English literature in receipt of relief package of medicines and thanking Rev Alan
A student of Masters fractured her leg and arms
A victim in receipt of relief package of medicines with ruptured intestines
AAA student of Bachelor of English literature in receipt of relief package of medicines and thanking Rev Alan (2)
An Innocent vicitm in receipt of relief package of medicine by St Philip &St james church
Birthday card to other deceased child
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Family thanking team
Fifty two year old reported his request for medicines after fracture
Girl wants to go to college soon but has no leg
Mr Parvaiz Barkat lost his beloved daughter and fractured his leg and put on crutches
Mr Patras in reciept of help with b roken leg and arm and in a wheel chair
Ninth School student broken legs awaiting help
Only daughter of her parents died in twin blasts
Samuel needs to be checked by doctor twice a week bu there is no hope
Samuel was operated twice but still needs to be checked by doctor twice a week but can not
Speaking on the phone with The Most Rev Alan
Team dressing and cleaning wounds
Team visiting a victim spouse, a family residing inside jail slum his spouse is set for surgery
Team with Bishop Mano reporting the relief activities
The Most Rev Alan is praying on the phone for healing
Two angels died in the blast
Two year old child recieved injury on her head and burnt her skin happy after receipt of package from St Philips
Victim family thank team for the visit
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The first consignment of Aid from Bath churches has been delivered to Peshawar Christians injured in the twin suicide blasts. The team acting on behalf of St Philips delivered the supplies of medical equipment going house to house among the wounded from the blast. See the report . here

Svetlana comes to Church

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Resident St Philip's artist Laurence Tindall, who carved the Loaves and Fishes sculpture at the church door, explained about his latest creation "Svetlana" in church on October 13th. Svetlana is the Orthodox church name for the Samaritan woman at the well. The Slavic name means light or shining and indicates holiness.

Ukraine English Camp 2013

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For the last three years we have joined with a team from the Czech Republic and a team from the Ukraine to run an "English Camp" in the Ukraine. We teach the Bible by learning English. Join up now for 2014!

Visit to Vsetin Church Czech Republic 2013

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P1060131 (Small)
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The Ukraine English Camp team visited Vsetin in the Czech Republic on return to the UK. The church in Vsetin have now supported us with our holiday club and three Ukraine camps. We look forward to greater partnership in the future!

Quiz and Entertainment

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On 29th June the young people from Pathfinders and CYFA put on an evening of entertainment linked with a quiz. Thirteen teams took part in the quiz and between rounds the young people provided a mix of song and dance and explained how it related to their faith. The event raised £255 to support the Golden Oldies charity.

A fair success

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Our Spring Fair on Saturday 18th May was a great success and lots of fun, drawing in many people from the local community with lots to do. Thanks to everyone who gave their time to raise money to support Tommy & Pat Solomons in South Africa.

Holiday Club sailing away

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Our Adventure Cruise Holiday Club ran for three days in February half-term with a special Family Service on the Sunday. Nearly 100 children coming each day to join the games. songs, crafts, dramas, actvities, Bible stories and fun - see the pictures and what's happened here or watch our video on our Facebook page.

Pathfinders Weekend Away

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  Some of the Pathfinder group went on a residential to Middlezoy in February. It was a chance for the young people to switch off from their usual surroundings and spend time having fun and growing in their personal faith. A fantastic time was had!