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treat geneva;">Church Halls
buy information pills geneva;">We have eight rooms varying in size from 21m2to 230m2 which can cater for groups and events of most sizes.        
Caters for service for up to 250 people.
Services are lead from a raised area with baptismal pool underneath.               
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Main Halls
Large versatile space with a stage which can be subdivided by screens into two smaller rooms.
A medium sized room including kitchen area suitable for community use.
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St James Lounge
A room with a
relaxing and intimate feel ideal for meetings, discussion, and prayer. 
A room designed as a safe and fun enviroment for small children.      
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Manna House
Seperate building with two rooms, kitchen area, toilets and showers. Suitable for community use.                    
Commercial standard kitchen suitable for catering for large numbers with dishwasher, gas cooker and water boiler.
We have toilets for male, female and disabled all decorated and cleaned to a high standard.