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banns cert picIf you live in the parish of Odd Down or Combe Hay and you are getting married in a Church of England Church then you will need your Banns read at St Philip & St James Church.

To check which parish you live in, click here and enter your postcode.

The Banns is a legal procedure and they must be read at the parish church(es) of the bride and groom within three months of the wedding.  They are read at church services on three consecutive Sundays during this period.

To get your Banns read we need you to fill in a Banns form and post it to:

St Philip & St James' Church
35 Frome Road,
Odd Down,

You can either collect a Banns Form from the Church Office (open 9-1 & 2-5pm weekdays) or you can download one by clicking here.

You will also need to include a cheque to cover the Church of England fees for £41 made payable to St Philip & St James Church with your form.

By law, the couple have to provide evidence of their nationality.  You must send with your form a photocopy of either the passport or birth certificate of each person, clearly showing their name.  If your name has changed you will need to provide evidence of this too.  If you have any questions regarding this, please contact the church office.

Once we have received your form we process it and inform you of the dates the Banns will be read so that you can attend if you wish.  When they have been read three times we will issue a certificate which we will post to you.  You will need to present this certificate to the clergy person who is conducting your wedding. 

The Banns Form must be returned to St Philip & St James' Church Office ideally three months before the date of the wedding.

Wedding Fees for 2018


Standard Items


Wedding Service



Wedding Certificate



Reading of Banns






Organ  (£10 if no organist)



Operated Sound System
(needed if more than 40 guests)








Music Group



Extra Wedding Certificate (at later date)



Service Sheets - design & print (50 copies)

from £60.00


                         (to print further 20 copies)

from £3.00


Heating (September - April inc)


weddingHere are some Frequently Asked Questions about baptism at St Philip & St James and Combe Hay Church.  If you have a question not listed please contact us through the website.

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weddingHere are some Frequently Asked Questions about getting married at St Philip & St James and Combe Hay Church.  If you have a question not listed please contact us through the website.

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