At this year's half term Holiday Club .......


Today we've been making the news with help of our presenters Marsha Mallow and Mike Raffone. We've been following the story of Moses and found out there were many others who helped him on the way.  Moses led the people out of Egypt and we made mini chariots in our craft session. We played some games and in some of them we used a big parachute. We learnt our Holiday Club song and in our teams we prepared an advert, just in case there is an ad break.


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Today we looked at the news of the first Christmas when Mary and Joseph went to Bethlehem and Jesus was born. The reporters from each channel acted the events leading up to Jesus' birth.  There was lots of fun including songs, games and for our crafts we made puppets out of spoons as well as more work on our studios.  The photocopier is still playing up and squirted Mike and Marsha with silly string.

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Our news story today was about David, who started off as a shepherd boy and ended up being a king, defeating Goliath on the way. We acted out the major events in David's life and found out that however unimportant we may be, God can use us to help others. In our crafts we made sheep and finished off our studios which Mike and Marsha were very impressed with. The photocopier went really wrong todayand even started walking around. At the end we counted up our points and found that Channel 2 and Channel 6 had the most. We're now looking forward to the special Family Edition on Saturday afternoon.

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